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Juha A. Janhunen. Mongolian. John Benjamins Publishing Company. [London Oriental and African Language Library, 19] 2012.  xv, 320 pp. ISBN 9789027238252.

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Mongolian is the principal language spoken by some five million ethnic Mongols living in Outer and Inner Mongolia, as well as in adjacent parts of Russia and China. The spoken language is divided into a number of mutually intelligible dialects, while for writing two separate written languages are used: Cyrillic Khalkha in Outer Mongolia (the Republic of Mongolia) and Written Mongol in Inner Mongolia (P. R. China). In this grammatical description, the focus is on the standard varieties of the spoken language, as used in broadcasting, education, and everyday casual speech. The dialectology of the language, and its background as a member of the Mongolic language family, are also discussed. Mongolian is an agglutinating language with a well-developed suffixal morphology. In the areal framework, the language is a typical member of the trans-Eurasian Ural-Altaic complex with features such as vowel harmony, verb-final sentence structure, and complex chains of non-finite verbal phrases.

Table of Contents

ix – x
Figures and tables
Symbols and abbreviations
xiii – xiv
Chapter 1. Introduction
1 – 20
Chapter 2. Segmental structure
21 – 55
Chapter 3. Morpheme structure
57 – 93
Chapter 4. Nominal morphology
95 – 141
Chapter 5. Verbal morphology
143 – 184
Chapter 6. Phrasal syntax
185 – 222
Chapter 7. Clausal syntax
223 – 261
Chapter 8. Complex sentences
263 – 289
Text sample
291 – 296
Sample paradigms
297 – 299
Chart of letters
301 – 303
305 – 311
Grammatical index
313 – 320

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